” Elizabeth” Vintage Uk Designer

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Silk Dupioni Taffeta

One off

Buff / Ivory

Bust 40  ”    Waist 31.5″    front length 44 ” from waist of skirt   The Timeless Range_SHPhotography (80)


Back/ train length 46″ when bustled

When trained 64.5″

Magnificent Renaissance Inspired Gown is a must have for all the girls into Fantasy/ Gothic, Vintage or a very different look

The skirt is extremely full the Silk Dupioni Just floats gives it that princess feel.It is separate from the bodice.It is set on a yoke, so there is no fabric bunching up over the hips.Underneath, a very full crinoline slip is attached no hoops. Zip at the back.

The corset bodice is boned ,features faux lacing in the front and real lacing in the back. It fastens with hooks and eyes in the back as well. the sleeves are straps are stuffed.  to enhance the braided silk

Stunning Gown all you would need is a head piece the gown speaks for its self

Would love to see this gown at a Masquerade Ball with a Golden mask

Timeless Range Price AUD $ 350.00