” Tara ” Beretun Designs

Timeless Gowns & Masks_910DYwmTimeless Gowns & Masks_759DYwmTimeless Gowns & Masks_757DYwmTimeless Gowns & Masks_960DYwmTimeless-Gowns-Masks_998DYwm-237x300A Very much multi tasking Gown Wedding/ Steam Punk/ Deb/ Ball

One of the UKs leading designers

Scarlett Silk Duponi

Size 8/10

Bust 34″

Waist 28″

One off Couture Gown with a very victorian influence

Comes with a matching Silk Bolero

It is fully boned, traditionally laced Corset In Scarlet Silk.It is laced with complimenting, tasteful Olive green ribbon at the back with red eyelets.Down the front of the bodice are a line of red crystals. As it is hand made there is some flexibility either way. It is fully lined and comes with a stiff insert to fit behind the lacing

The Bolero is fully lined Silk. The sleeves taper to the wrist,extending assymetrically over the back of hand.They are laced form the wrist extending a short way back up the inner arm. The eyelets are red and the lacing is Olive green Ribbon.

Very full layered Skirts with a train,fasten with a silk button and a zip. The skirt is incredibly beautiful and tactile.It is fully lined the first layer of silk is gathered on left hip. It also has a ribbon attachment on underside of skirt to connect to train to creat a very full bustle

Two sets of Olive green Tulle, One is detachable to suit taste

All in all a very very special unique piece. It is such a versatile gown it doesn”t shout out ” Wedding Gown ” Just a remarkable Gown

Timeless Range Price AUD $1290.00

Timeless Gowns & Masks_751DYwmTimeless Gowns & Masks_748DYwmTimeless Gowns & Masks_904-1DYwmTimeless Gowns & Masks_755DYwm